Friday, 19 December 2008

Let it Snow

A picture of Central Park in 1992. Do you think it looks like this right now?

Maybe it was the perfect day to stay in and be sick (am I turning into my mother?), but part of me wishes instead of spending the day sleeping, drinking tea, watching the flakes fall outside my window, and transcribing a rather lengthy interview (who wants to be my assistant?) that I could have ditched the head cold, put on my new snow boots, and frolicked in the white abyss before it turns to ice and sludge. I hope I have the chance again.

This snow makes me nostalgic, but I’m not exactly sure for what. I didn’t grow up in the snow and can you by definition be nostalgic for just the last year or year before? And if so, I don’t actually think that is the case as I am really trying to block that time out of my head. Or is that in fact nostalgia? Okay, I am no longer making any sense. Maybe it’s the fever? Anyway, I am going to venture out of the house now for a dinner with my dad, my new best friend. Big Friday Night!

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