Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

BERLIN—People celebrate New Year's Eve near the Brandenburg Gate after the fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989.

My New Year’s Eve might not be as memorable as that, but I am happy about it for the first time in a long time — well three years to be exact. And I am excited for the coming year. It feels good to be going into it like this, it’s almost like a clean slate. As Ms. Diebel just told me, 2009 is year of the ox, for reliability and sturdiness. Who doesn’t need a little of that in their lives? I know I am ready for it. And goodbye to the year of the rat, there were certainly a few of those in all of our lives in 2008. So long!

No pressure tonight, just the people I love in the home I love, drinking some champagne and eating some seriously expensive cheese. What more could a girl ask for? And Mary will be the most amazing New Year’s kiss!

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Sarah said...

happy new year! wish i could do a 3-way kiss with y'all. this new years will be great for you, megan.