Saturday, 20 December 2008

F is for Fiji

As it snows and snows it seems almost appropriate to speak of the country of Fiji, a distant fantasy land that a poor and lowly New Yorker can only dream of on such a cold winter day. Honestly though, I am thankfully not yet (the operative word) at the point where I would give one of my toes, possibly two, to have just a bit of sunshine on my little bare feet, even toeless.

Anyway, did you know that Fiji is actually made up of 333 different islands, but only one third of them are inhabited? And like the United States, Fiji is a multiracial, multi-cultural nation, and has people of all the major religions of the world. But in Fiji race relations are generally harmonious. I mean it does seem like a place that would be easy to be harmonious. Maybe we really should go there.

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Sakkis said...

It's not all that harmonious. I worked there for four months teaching river guide school and photo kayaking. About 48% of the population is Indian and they are thought of and sort of treating as second class citizens by the Native Fijians. The don't go to the same bars, they don't eat at the same establishments. It's pretty segregated. They don't date or hang out. Also, Fiji is pretty hard on travelers. It's hard to escape the resort life if you don't know people there. The bush is pretty off limits except by guided tours. I have a lot more to say but wont. All in all I love Fiji and think of going back to visit my friends. It's just a hard place.