Sunday, 20 May 2012

Googa Mooga Part 1: Brooklyn Faces

The people of Brooklyn were out in full effect yesterday at the Googa Mooga Festival (do not even ask me what that name means! I don't like it one bit) in Prospect Park and I spent the day getting used to my new camera and snapping shot after shot. It was the perfect place to people watch and play paparazzo. I only got a few evil stares for the slight invasions of privacy. While shooting photos I was also waiting in ridiculously long lines to get delicious local brewed beer, drinking delicious local brewed beer, waiting in ridiculously long lines to get tasty local farm to table food, eating farm to table food, meeting a bunch of randoms and watching the Roots perform. Despite the abundance of queueing, it was a lovely day with perfect weather and amazing light, spent with a new friend. Here are some photos of people I came across along the way. I should also apologize in advance for the massive amounts of photos that are still to come. I just had so much fun with my new gifted camera and want to share. Thanks Mike!

Also these were done without Photoshop and could maybe use some. Anyone want to give it to me for my upcoming birthday?

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