Monday, 12 March 2012

Weekend Roundup: Things New and Old

I haven't done a roundup, especially a weekend one, in quite some time now. The truth is, the last couple of months have not been a time in my life that I have had any desire to document (Yay 2012!). But as spring is springing and the weather is warming up, the cloud has started to lift off myself and my little group of friends and what is underneath is something that's getting good.

So yeah, let me tell you about my weekend: It started early as my time working Fashion Month (oh was it a doozy) ended on Wednesday and then the next morning my two friends, Sunny and Scott, on a whim (if you can even use the word whim for a couple who have been together for ten years and have a now one-year-old) decided to tie the knot on the first birthday of that beautiful said daughter Sophia. It couldn't have been a more perfect day, 75 degrees in March with clear blue skies and the sweet smell of spring (and wedding flowers) in the air. We celebrated with a lovely picnic on the water in Dumbo, a cupcake for the not-so-baby-any-more little girl and lots of cheese and meat for us — and a ride on the Carousel for all. 

What a day it was, but lucky for me, when the tired mom and newlywed wanted to go to bed, a dear friend of mine had just arrived into town from Chicago so the fun didn't have to end. After over two years of not seeing each other, we had a late night of many things, that may have rivaled the ones of the past. And still, somehow we made it to the Empire State Building the next day — something I haven't done in all seven (minus a year and half in Berlin) years of living in NYC. 

The rest of the weekend continued in such fun fashion with a long solo walk through the city, a night with Mare, a flower surprise, an early evening in hunting attire, a birthday dinner for the visiting Chicagoan at my favorite restaurant, birthday drinks, Sunday brunch at the newlyweds, a bike ride, an afternoon in the park and a farewell dinner. So fun... It's good to be back, New York.   

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