Thursday, 29 March 2012

Maybe My Living Room Can Look Like This Now?

I just found out some amazing news. I know this sounds like a terrible thing to be excited about, but one of my roommates is moving out of my Brooklyn three bedroom apartment. The amazing thing is that my other roommate and I are going to take over the lease and stay here just the two of us (rent control is a beautiful thing) and now we have free reign to redecorate the place however we want. Oh there is another amazing thing too: I am going to get the extra little tiny room for my shoes and clothes. It is not a little tiny room anymore but a really really big closet. See, dreams do come true!

So, we are going to strip the place down, paint all the walls a fresh white and start over. Well, mostly. I mean we can't really afford to just re-furnish the place, but slowly with flea market trips, Housing Works runs and I'm sure a reluctant trip or two to IKEA we are going to turn this place around. So now my head is in a home decor space and I am finding inspiration all around me and of course on the Internet. One place in particular is this amazing tumblr that not only makes me want everything (yeah I am trendy) but then makes me seriously LAUGH OUT LOUD and a little bit at myself for wanting it. The presentation is brilliant, read it. That's where I got the above photo FYI.

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