Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Trip Down Memory/Bread Lane

As I have told you before, my BFF Bryn is in town, but sadly I am working ridiculous fashion week hours. I went out her first night but there was no way I could do it again last night, so as I was home waiting for images (until 2 am!), Bryn was off galavanting in Green Point and sent me a photo she took along the way that brought back memories of her visit a few years ago where I was lucky enough to join in on the fun, if not make it. It was one of those hot summer Brooklyn nights that turns out unexpected adventure after adventure. This particular rendezvous, involving a serious bread heist, was documented in full detail by Bryn herself. Although the evening itself was hysterical, it's her amazing captions on Facebook that really make me laugh. So I thought I would put it on the blog for a little good old New York summer nostalgia as fall continues its inevitable creep in. 

This is the photo she just sent me:
Remember this place? Our haven

These are the photos from a night in July 2009:
bread! delicious!
megs and I
oh jeeeeezzzz
it's bread time
nice work, megan
her little baaaaby... scrumptious
i second that
the bread walk
in depth conversation about the effects of bread on american culture. it's making megan 2 nervous
get it in their, megan
the main course
bizarre digestion tactics

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Sarah D. said...

hilarious! i wish i was there!