Friday, 16 July 2010

True Colors

Last night my boyfriend and I were bickering about the color of my new canvas shoes (just another granny pair of slip-ons I stocked up on at K-Mart when I was in NYC). He insisted they are gray when they are in fact TAN — although I may be pretty blind when it comes to my vision I swear he is a little blind when it comes to color (he of course thinks the same of me). Anyway no big deal really, just silly meaningless banter. But coincidentally today while procrastinating writing a story I came across this Color IQ Test and scored a zero! And zero, my friend, is as good as it gets. So I have perfect color vision (I don't think I have ever had perfect anything), I can't wait to tell my BF! You should take it — it's actually kind of fun — and tell me what you get.

Thanks 2 or 3 Things I Know.

Colorful pic from Flickr.

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