Thursday, 15 July 2010

Collar Me Good

I was having my final American and red meat (more on that later) meal (a $14 cheeseburger no doubt — oh NYC) on Monday before my flight back to Berlin and in walked an adorable girl in an adorable dress. It had the perfect white collar and black tie right below the collarbone and a sweet blue and white print silky fabric that hung just right: a mix of preppy and sailor without going overboard (no pun...) in either direction. I have had my mind on one of these for awhile now, but she solidified my desire. Although hers was obviously designer, I hope to find mine in a thrift store. I swear my mom had the exact one I want when I was one growing up. I can picture it: it was a white blouse with a scoop neck and black bow. Though if I can't find it (I'll be damned!), I might have to fork out some dough for one of these delights.
Blooming Leopold in American Apparel.

Listening to Au Revoir Simone "Through the Backyards." Seems appropriate when discussing whimsical fashion.

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