Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Farewell New York

New York is what it is: heat waves, rooftops, beaches, parks, subways, shopping, eating, drinking, biking. So fun, so hot, full of my friends and family, full of familiarities and full of all the comforts and drama that come with that. Some of my peeps are doing amazingly well, some seem sad and bored of the city, some are embarking on whole new lives and adventures and some were too busy to even see — this is my New York. It was my home for almost five years and feels mostly as it always was when I was back for almost three weeks. Every time I left the house I enjoyed myself, spent too much money, over-heated, laughed and walked my butt off. But despite it feeling just like home, I have come to the realization that it no longer is.

I was nervous to go to NYC at first because I thought I would never want to leave; then I was nervous because I was up for a job that would move me back permanently. In the end neither scenario played out: I came this close to getting the job but didn't and I definitely was ready to go back to Berlin when the time came. NYC will always hold a place in my heart and another dream job may lead me back there one day — but if the time comes I do not want to be dropped off splat in the middle of my old life. Although it felt good and comfortable to live it once again, I have realized that I should keep my eyes focused on the future and that somethings and some lives are better left in the past. So tschüß New York (that's German for toodles!).

Here are some pics from that past three weeks in good old NYC.
More pics here

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