Sunday, 29 November 2009

NYC Vacation

I was just lucky enough to spend two weeks "on holiday" in my own city (hence the lack of posts lately), showing a New York virgin a bit of my life and a whole lot of NYC. Two weeks may seem like a long time to explore, but let me tell you that we were barely able to cover half of the stuff on his list even being out and about almost every day. I forgot how massive and alive this place is. There were times I felt like a tour guide and times I felt completely like a tourist myself — walking across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time, eating a hot dog from a street vendor (ugh) and getting on the subway going to Queens instead of Brooklyn. Oops.

Considering I just got back from Berlin not too long ago (and spent my first week hiding from the Big Bad Apple in the comforts of my room), this was the perfect way to get reacquainted with this fair city. I will have to admit it is going to be harder than I first thought to leave — I may have just fallen a little bit back in love with New York. But we all know a vacation in NYC is a whole lot different than actually living here. Anyway, take a peak at our trip, all the way from Coney Island to Central Park.

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