Monday, 13 April 2009

R.I.P Friend

Yesterday was a sad day—in fact it was not a sad day but a lovely day spent escaping the city (via car!), just overshadowed by some seriously sad news. Well sad for me, but maybe not for a normal person. Anyway, my little bike who I love so much but who has also given me a fair share of trouble—like a sick pet or an annoying boyfriend—is officially dead. And it was just starting to get warm enough to ride again. I loved that bike so much I couldn’t help but cry when I heard the news and my friends who were with me when I got the call couldn’t help but think an actual someone had died when they saw my face.

So how does I bike die, you ask? Well it happens when you lock your bike up at the train station like you do every morning, but while you’re away one of those car driving people hops the curb and slams into it. At first we thought they just bent the wheel, but after further inspection by the guys at my local over-priced bike shop, I got the call saying that is was not just the wheel but that silly reckless driver actually cracked the whole bike frame and the only thing holding my poor baby together was the seat. They didn’t even leave a note! So sad, I really loved my bike.

Maybe it will go to this beautifully green bicycle graveyard...

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