Monday, 3 November 2008

Countdown to Barack: 2 Days

Tomorrow is finally Election Day, I can’t believe after almost two years the race is coming to an end. It’s such a strange feeling to know that in just over a day I will either be overcome with a type of excitement and elation that nothing thus far in my life has given me or I will be devastated, ashamed of my country, and ready to get out. There is nothing in between — no happy medium or compromise. But I strongly believe that tomorrow will be remembered as one of the most monumental days in our nation’s history and we will elect our first black president and usher in a time where I can possibly begin to feel proud of being an American. I am overcome with such a foreign feeling even thinking about tomorrow — anticipation, distrust, nervousness, hope, and excitement all in one. It’s feeling like you have control but actually none at all. The people in 11 states (most of which I haven’t even been to) will decide our fate, and then we can all breath a sigh of relief and Obama can take a probably much needed nap. Oh man, I hope so.

Not that these polls really matter, but this is what they are saying. A Rasmussen poll shows Obama ahead 52-46 nationally; the same poll on Thursday showed him with a 51-47 lead. A Quinnipiac University poll has Obama leading McCain by 10 points, though the same poll showed him with a 12-point lead early last week. A Muhlenberg poll shows Obama leading 52-46, while the same poll a week ago showed him leading 53-42. According to, the estimate in Pennsylvania has shifted 5.4 points toward McCain in the past week.

P.S. Obama has been ahead in all 159 polls taken in the last six weeks. If he doesn’t win, I think a lot of pollsters are getting fired.

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