Wednesday, 5 November 2008


The countdown is over, and I honestly have never felt such genuine happiness. I almost feel like today I can start living my life. A day that was just a possibility two years ago, possibly never one four years ago, a day that we have been waiting to arrive for so long, a day that people I don’t even know all over the world have been waiting for longer than I can imagine, a day that many people thought they would never see. It’s here, and it passed in a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. To have hope in a leader, in a country, in world that has been tainted for so long is like nothing I have ever felt and last night was a high of a kind that I didn’t even know existed. To be so personally affected by something that is affecting billions of people is overwhelming and beautiful and amazing. I do hope one day I can find better words to document this historic time, but as for now amazing seems to work. Here are some amazing photos of people celebrating around the world. But yes, this is just the beginning and it’s only uphill from here and the horror that is Prop 8 is devastating, but for today I just want to bask in the moment that I quite believe will define our generation.

"Rosa sat so that Martin could walk so that Obama could run so that our children could fly”

10 million more voters turned out than four years ago
Democrats gained control of the House and the Senate
Obama won by a landslide of 349 to 147 electoral votes

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