Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Back in NYC

It was pretty amazing to go to Atlanta two days after we elected the first black president, considering the ATL is where Martin Luther King lived his entire too short life. The two historic men graced the cover of the city’s weekly free newspaper while I was there and I got to see the home MLK grew up in. It certainly beat my weekend in Nashville two days after Bush got re-elected. Well, at least for the politico and the shit-disturber in me. Atlanta is a strange city though — another liberal island in a sea of red. Parts of it actually reminded me of Berkeley and some parts definitely could have been mistaken for Oakland, but when I went through my second drive-through in the city’s suburbs, I knew I couldn’t be farther away from California. Oh and when I bought an entire new wardrobe for $300. Thrift store heaven…

When I got home last night my roommate Courtney told me the sweetest story — something that I would’ve loved to witness myself but felt happy just to hear. She was walking through our Fort Greene neighborhood yesterday and overheard two little African American boys playing. One said to the other “Let’s play President and Vice President, but you have to be Vice President because I want to be Barack Obama.” Now that is change — can you imagine them wanting to play Bush and Cheney? She said the look on their mother’s face said it all.

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