Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's All About the Angles

So I have been in a bit of a slump lately (resulting in minimal blog posts, I'm sorry), I'm certainly not trying to wallow in it but I'll admit that my inspiration has been lacking. But I'll have you know, I am 100% (!!!) ready for it to be over. Positivity, yes, positivity! So one of the happy things that has happened to me lately that should help shake it is one of my friends gave me his old camera. Old to him is amazing and new to me,  I have been wanting a "real" camera since I started this blog and this one is perfect. 

So I fancy myself a good documentarian but not necessarily the best photographer, but this bad boy may help with that. I do spend a lot of time looking at beautiful photographs and try to learn from them and feel myself developing a better eye. So on to the real subject of this blog entry: look at these two photos, both of Caroline Sieber during Paris Fashion Week, both shot by talented street style photographers probably within seconds of one another. But don't you think one is significantly better than the other? The top shot shows a bit of her face, more of those fabulous shoes and although it may not have as much of a billow of wind in the skirt and in her hair, I like it so much more. It captures all the right angles, and photography is all about the angles. It's all about timing as well, and I am sure if the Sartorialist's (yes, the not as good, but still good, shot is by him) caught her a moment before or after, his photo would have been as perfect as Candice Lake's. 

Or am I totally wrong and it's really just personal preference? Which do you like better?

P.S. Pink and blue, digging it.

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