Friday, 19 August 2011

I Can Take a Moment for Perfection

For those of you who had anything bad to say about Kate Moss's wedding dress (I did actually hear some negative comments), I think this photo via the pages of Vogue's September issue will quiet those crazy voices. It's perfect, as was the wedding, as was the magazine spread. If by some weird reason, you haven't seen the extra photos online, then by all means you should. They made me tear up when I saw them last week. I am very emotional apparently.

So yes, this is all I have to say for now, well I have tons of things to say, just no time to say them. The last few weeks I have been working at a fashion magazine, so all day long I have been constantly inundated with beautiful imagery and inspiring ideas for my blog and of course my closet. Although I admit I have somehow found the time to go shopping, my little blog has been neglected now that I am in an office full-time — and there is no slowing down as fashion month is just around the corner. But as I get more accustomed to this fast-paced life once again, more of it will transfer over here, I promise
. But now, a short moment for Kate.

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