Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Mini Mes in the Wee Morning

Tall Megan is in town and despite having an amazing time sightseeing, museum hopping, swimming, dancing to techno, riding bikes, drinking beer, laying in the park and playing ping pong (the usual) the weekend passed us by without having one of those unexpectedly crazy nights where you end up places that you never planned with strange and entertaining people who you've never met. Michael pretty much has a night like that every night and I feel like my proper Berlin experience didn't really start until I had one, granted it was my third night. Anyway, we were okay with it as we are both getting older and don't find the need to rage until dawn like we used to. But at the same time, I think we both would have welcomed such a night and such a story for Megan to take back to NYC and were a bit dissapointed that it never came to fruition. So good thing we are in Berlin where just because it's Monday doesn't mean an adventure isn't waiting around the corner. It all started with a clumsy introduction, a long doubling bike ride, a very attractive and very young German, a Parisian, a Russian, a river, a dance floor, a pronunciation lesson and then ended on this very big bench at seven in the morning.


The Cherry Blog said...

berlin on a monday sounds fun! that bench is amazing!!! x

Conversation Pieces said...

Brilliant pic... I so love Berlin so I'm loving your blog... also loving the name (mainly because my name is Zoe!!) ;)