Wednesday, 20 May 2009


So I always have to walk on the left side of whomever I am walking with. By “have to” I mean if I don’t, I feel off mentally and won’t go back to normal until I am in my comfortable left side location. Most people oblige this strange habit/need of mine, while others like to fuck with me about for awhile until they give into the right. And actually people who I spend most of my time with gravitate toward the right naturally and have begun themselves to feel uncomfortable in my walking position. I actually dated a guy for way too long, who never really caught on to my walking habit, that should have been a sign right there.

Anyway, it’s not because of that man walking on the car side to protect the woman (I’m a feminist!) thing at all, and that wouldn’t always be on the left anyway. In fact, I am not sure where this strange tick of mine came from at all, but I will tell you that it is getting worse. This left side infatuation used to be strictly for standing up positions of movement (in fact I have to sleep on the right side of my bed, but I do have logical explanation for that one), but lately it has slipped into my sitting down behavior as well. And I now find myself having to be on the left side of a table at dinner or person at the movies. So, is it the older you get the crazier and more particular you become? Am I becoming (or is this) neurotic? For awhile I thought the older I got the more calm I was becoming. Hmm, I guess we shall see.

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