Friday, 1 May 2009

Everybody Loves Bowie

Do you ever sit/stand by someone (for those of you who don’t rely on public transportation as your primary means of getting from A to B this may not apply) with headphones on so loud you can hear exactly what they are listening to? I always wonder if these people are aware that everyone knows their taste in music at that moment. Sometimes (when the bass is turned up way too loud) it’s annoying, but other times it’s like you get a little peak into this stranger's life and often it’s quite amusing. The other day their was a girl in a skirt suit blasting hard core techno at 9 in the morning and in the elevator at work this morning (another even more awkward place that this happens) this plaid-wearing, unassuming guy was totally into his David Bowie without a care in the world. Little things like this make smile...

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Daughters of Dawn said...

so true!!! It is lovely to look at the world through those curious and thoughtful eyes. Just came across your blog and love it. Hope its ok I've added you as a link