Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Best Gift Ever: Vintage Balinese Jumpsuit

My great friend Julia just got back from a trip to Bali, and although I seethed with jealousy every time one of her picturesque shots of a temple or beach came up in my Instagram feed, I have forgiven her for going without me thanks to this adorable blue jumpsuit she brought back. Just kidding of course, but I am pretty amazed by this little Balinese treasure and my friend's amazing eye.

First off, I am a clothes person, I spend way too much of my life thinking, trying on, buying and writing about clothes. And despite what some may think, what should you not buy a clothes person? Clothes. His or her taste is usually just too particular, mine included. But Julia went for it. And if someone did decide to buy clothes as a gift, what would be something most people would not go for?  A vintage jumpsuit is pretty risky — a pants one no less. Not only is it a particular item of clothing not too many people covet, if the fit is just a wee bit off it wont work, (I need not mention the dreaded camel toe). But Julia went for it. She knows me so well, because if anyone loves a jumpsuit, I am that girl. And not only did I love this one, but it fit. The whole thing was just spot on. 

So thank you Julia for going out on a limb in the gift giving department with the newest addition to my closet! 

PS. Check out my new DKNY wedges, pretty cute right?

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