Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Where Have You Been?

Hello Friends, it has been awhile, awhile, awhile since I blogged and honestly there has not been much more than a day that has gone by in which I didn't think about and miss my old hobby. Yes, I have intermittently posted a few things about dresses I like or good old Mary-Kate Olsen, but this little place used to be where I documented what was actually going on in my life. The truth is I was uninspired and sad for a few months and didn't have the desire to share much of it or even the fun and distracting things I still managed to do. Then that lifted (it's amazing how that happens!), then I got a new job and my melancholia was replaced with excitement, happiness and a whole lot of work. But now that I am starting to wrap my head around a full-time schedule after almost three years of freelancing, traveling and blogging, I am trying to get back here. Hello. So what exactly did I do these last couple months worthy of sharing...well I:

Biked to Brighton Beach and Drank Beer

Crashed a Law School Prom Dressed as Brenda Walsh 

Bussed it to Boston for a Weekend at a Real House

To be continued...

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