Monday, 9 January 2012

Burn 2011 Away

A litte late for New Year's blog posts I know, but it's been a busy week on the working and playing front and I haven't had much time in front of my own computer. The week before last (last year) I was a little gloomy — a little not-home-for-the-holidays feeling sorry for myself combined with some good ol' beginning of winter depression. But things have picked up in the New Year, starting with a New Year's Eve Eve celebration where a friend made us all burn the past away. Maybe this little ritual is what started my upswing?

So Terese had us over for wine and an amazing cheese plate, but most importantly to write what we wanted to leave in 2011 on a little piece of paper and kiss it goodbye into a burning bucket of sage. Not exactly a New Year's resolution, more like a last year's good riddance. Sounds a little esoteric and hippy dippy, I know. But despite my sometime New York cynicism, I am a Northern California girl at heart and this little cathartic witchy ritual made me feel better as I watched my insecurities of 2011 burn away into the night. 

Not to say last year was a bad year, in fact it was quite a big one for me with lots of life-changing decisions, amazing travels and special people. But we can always make more changes and better ourselves. So such a little ritual could never be bad, even after a good year and especially after a bad week. And to think I almost let my mopey behavior keep me home that night, but thank God for friends who would never allow such things. And thank God for ones who throw silly New Year's Eve Eve burn parties. Maybe this will become an annual tradition? But next year we will have to try and keep the smoke a little more under control. You'll see what I mean... 

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