Saturday, 11 July 2009

God Bless Americans

Those Mainers sure love their country. I sported a red and white top on the birth of our nation, but that was nothing (and not really on purpose) compared to the extreme patriotism I witnessed in the lobster state. Our across the street neighbors, in the beach town of Scarborough, all got decked out in American garb and decided to spend their afternoon waving flags and blasting every American song from the the obvious and tolerable "Born in the USA" to the the so obvious I didn't think anyone actually would ever own it "America the Beautiful" as they held up signs saying "Honk if you love the USA" for cars driving by. And you better damn well honk, because if you stayed silent as you rode past you would have been blasted with "You hate your country you whore!" No joke. And that is not even the craziest thing I witnessed. Have you ever seen a group of 20 or so people go into a spontaneous Pledge of Allegiance with hands on their hearts and all? Let me tell you it's a pretty scary sight for a hippie-at-heart San Franciscan.

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