Thursday, 25 October 2012

Summer Highlights: Vanessa and Sheldon's Cancun Wedding

The days have long turned to fall and although I am enjoying the changing leaves, the new layers of clothing on my body and that crispness in the air when I leave my apartment in the morning, I would always rather it be summer. I'm just that kind of girl. This particular summer was an interesting one with ups and downs and a lot of trips to the beach. And since I pretty much dropped off the face of the blogosphere (maybe I'm back?), none of it was documented, until now...

It all started with a trip to Cancun to see my oldest friend (we met in kindergarten) get hitched to one of the wackiest (in the best way possible) guys I know in an all-inclusive resort a la the senior trip I never went on. See, that's him all sweaty and topless on the first night already! So, crazy guys, old friends, some serious sun, and an endless supply of free alcohol, equaled what you might guess: some of the craziest (in the best way possible again) few days of my life. There were pina colada breakfasts in the pool, yoga sessions on the beach, all you can eat eating at the buffet, dancing in the club, night skinny dipping in the ocean and of course a lovely and tear-filled wedding. 

Documenting an event where you spend most of your time half-submerged in water with a margarita in your hand is not that easy, as you can see from my photos. But my BFF Bryn and I did try and capture some of our many outfit changes. She is a stylist in LA and has got some of the coolest clothes around. We did pretty well at first, but as the days wore on and the hangovers and sunburns worsened, the photograph taking dwindled. But here's what I got from our kickoff to summer (with a few stolen from Facebook)...and congrats to Vanessa and Sheldon again!


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